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This afternoon I went to a shoping mall, and accidentally, found a book which talk about how to control  diabetes with juice. Well, that was the first time I knew that juices can control diabetes mellitus. Now, here are some informations I could gather for this topic.

I’ve heard that diabetes mellitus is a degenerative disease that could bring complications such as coma, a tissue damage, and even blindness.

Once a man affected by this disease, for whole of his life, he cannot be cured for 100 %. Even if he/she is declared cured from it, still, he need to implement a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, it may relapse in a very high possibility.

We could rely upon a drug to control it (I remember that my grandma need an injection at least once a day for it). But, could we also rely to herbal and (let’s say) a ‘juice therapy’?. Well, yes we can. Juice is good for patient, since they need soluble fibers to control their sugar levels in blood. Few research showed that fibers have a great tendency to control the sugar levels in blood. A patient with a high consumption of fibers, about 50 grams/day, equal to 7 – 8 servings of fruit and vegetables, may have a lower blood sugar levels and keep it stable rather than a patient who consumpt a moderate diet fibers.

Fruit and vegetables could lower the blood sugar levels by detaining the absorption of sugars, repairs and stimulates pancreatic beta cells to produce insulin. But in the otherside, it is hard for a patient with missing teeth . Therefore, the fruit and vegetables are reprocessed into juices, so patients won’t experience a difficulty and the solutes will easily absorbed.

Some kind of fruits for a diabetes patient i.e. soursop, starfruit, orange, tomato, apple, strawberry, papaya, and guava. Those fruits could be consumpted independently or in combinations (try not to combine more than 3 kind of fruits). Fruits can also be combined with vegetables or other fresh herb such rosella, aloe vera, and Morinda citrifolia.

Try to be patient and diligent, to consume it. Aside from routinely consume juices, a patient must also control his/her diet, consume drugs routinely, takes medical check up, and doing some sport.

Use a fresh, mature, and high quality of fruits, vegetables or herbs to make a juice. Wash the ingredients before it sliced. Remember to use a non caloric sweeteners and filter the juice before you drink it. Juice may be consumed for three times a day, before or after meal.

Well, here are some recipes for you to try..

Apple-Strawberry-Soursop Juice

  • 150 g of apple
  • 100 g of strawberry
  • 100 g of soursop
  • Sufficient water and ice

Red Rosella-Guava Juice

  • 200 g guavas
  • 60 g/ 10 sheaths of fresh rosella
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Sufficient water and ice

Aloe vera – tomato juice

  • 150 g of tomato
  • 100 g of aloe vera
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon, take the water
  • Sufficient water and ice

Red Rosella – Apple Juice

  • 6 sheaths of fresh rosella
  • 1 apple fruit
  • a teaspoon tip of salt
  • Sufficient lime water
  • non caloric sweeteners
  • 200 ml of water

Red rosella – starfruit juice

  • 3 sheats of rosella
  • 1/2 starfruit
  • 1 apple fruit
  • a teaspoon tip of salt
  • non-caloric sweeteners
  • 200 ml of water





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